Salt House

2017, HD video with audio, 12:39 secs

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Salt House offers an intimate glimpse of my father Alper as he returns to his home and native Cyprus. Having left during the war in 1968, it is through revisiting the island and cooking the dishes from his childhood that he is able to reconnect to his past, and talk openly about memory, identity and migration.

The film fragments across domestic spaces and landscapes, meshing together Alper, his voice and the atmosphere of the island. A personal portrait emerges revealing the emotional effects from the war, with vivid memories, rich landscapes and Cypriot food.

Written and directed by 
Bella Riza

Sasha Ljubojevic, Ellie King and Bella Riza

Sound Recordist 
Ellie King 


Bella Riza

Sound Editor
Matt Parker

Jason R Moffat